Envіrоnmеntаl Aсtіvіtу Sесtоr Rеgіѕtrу (” EASR”)

Environmental Activity and Sector Registry: What It Is, and What It Does

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment works hard to protect the natural environment. It regulates businesses and operations that, while necessary, can impact the environment in negative ways. The MOE has extensive application and approval processes to ensure that businesses maintain the most environmentally safe practices possible.

Six years ago, the MOE began implementing a public, online process developed by the Environmental Protection Act, called the Environmental Activity and Sector Registry. The EASR can make these processes faster and simpler for certain qualifying businesses and/or individuals, depending on things such as pollution control methods, good management practices, and design requirements. For these businesses or equipment pieces, this easy online process replaces the lengthy applications and numerous forms required to obtain the Environmental Compliance Approvals or Renewable Energy Approvals necessary to create, expand, or continue operations that may impact the natural environment. The EASR is, simply put, a public site on which people and businesses participating in, or operating, certain functions can register activities or machinery requiring regulation by the MOE according to the EPA.

The EASR was designed to target small, ground-mount solar systems. Some of the criteria for equipment and/or activities involved in operating these solar systems include, but are not limited to:

  • No less than 15 unobstructed meters from the system to the borders of the property on which the system operates.
  • The unit must be no larger than a 500-kW capacity system.
  • The system must be located on property or land with related, specific uses. Residential locations do not meet the EASR criteria for small ground-mount solar systems.

There are, of course, other activities and/or machines that could be eligible for EASR. These activities and equipment include:

  • Gas-powered, comfort heating systems
  • Standby power units
  • Booths that handle automotive refinishing tasks, such as spray-painting booths

Any business or machine which operates in such a way that it releases, or has the potential to release, toxins or impurities into the air, or alters the way or rate in which the impurities are released, also meets the criteria for the EASR, and must always remain updated via your online account. All exceptions to this regulation can be found online in the guidelines.

The MOE works continually to improve and increase the efficiency of the processes required to run and operate businesses and equipment that impacts the natural environment. It’s in the process of incorporating a new program in the EASR that will include more sectors and activities. The MOE hopes to encourage more use and development of clean, small power sources, and subsequently remove unnecessary and harmful environmental effects imposed by current issues. Therefore, it hopes to include certain renewable energy missions to the EASR-qualified list soon.

To register for the EASR, access the Service Ontario’s One-Source for Business Portal. There, you can find the steps necessary to apply, as well as links to the lists of qualification guidelines. In the appendix, you will find sample templates and forms to help you get started.




How to Hire a Network Cabling Installer

For efficient and effective network installation, an experienced and competent Mississauga network cabling installer is important. A good installer should use components that meet the industry’s standards in order to reduce performance problems and outages in the future. This means knowing how to identify a network cabling installer who will not let you down.

Look for the most Experienced
Hiring someone with several years of working experience is important in the networking field and also in other areas of work. Ensure that you hire someone who is a data cabling specialist. In most cases, electrical contractors attempt to offer data cabling services. This is great as long as the electrician has training and experience in data cabling installation.

The best way to identify the best network cabling installer is to seek recommendation from the nearby schools, banks or business organizations. In addition, trade unions may also have a list of some of the best network personnel or contractors in your area. Government also contracts the services of these networking contractors for their countrywide projects, making it a good point of reference.
Come up with a Plan
Before calling a network cabling contractor, ensure you have a cabling plan in place. This will include a well-drawn map of location and site of your networking area. Ensure that you are aware of where the internet connection will link with the network, where the switch or hub will be placed. Have a sketch of where the cables will pass through. Labor is the most expensive aspect and you cannot afford to screw up.

In your plan, consider future expansion of your network. So, instead of thinking just about your current computers; have the contractor run a few more meters of cables to cover the entire building. This will be much cheaper than when you call the installer later for the expansion. The plan does not necessarily need to be technical since it is just the beginning.
Communicate clearly with the Contractor.

Talk to the contractor and ensure you are well aware of what their plan is right before they start working. Request for their blueprints to verify whether it conforms to what you need. Lack of communication may result to complex issues in the future.

Let the installer inform you about their charges and keep in mind that cheap is expensive. In case you opt for bid process, do not choose the lowest bidder. The lowest bidder is normally the least experienced or the smallest.

Check the Standard of the Items used
mississauga-network-cablesCable grade – Data cables will come in different grades and some are of very low categories. As much as these lower categories may be genuine, they carry very low capacity of data. Ensure that the installer uses Category 5 of the cables. In case you are not sure, check the stamps on the data cables.

Jacks – There are cases where you may need to save costs, data cables should therefore not be terminated with jacks at the wall. Keep in mind that the length might limit where the computer will be placed.

Cable testing – This is a very important step in the networking. Ensure that the installer does an end-to-end connectivity. It is absolutely necessary to check whether the cable is capable of carrying data. Keep in mind that these cables may pass the end-to-end connectivity test but fail to transmit data – perform both tests.


Post-Installation Services
Just like in other area of service, there should be a well written guarantee after job completion. Research indicates that most of the networking problems arise from poor cabling installation. To protect yourself from future headaches, ensure that your network cabling contractor has the right tools, experience and is willing give a work guarantee.

Mississauga Search Engine Optimization

If you’re a business owner in Mississauga like myself you’re probably used to the BS of phone calls every day from random companies offering you rankings in these seemingly amazing opportunities to grow your business’ online presence.

Mississauga SEO experts eliminate frustrating phone calls.

Catch the hint of sarcasm in my voice? Yeah, that’s because I’m fed up with these call centers tying up my phone lines with their incessant persistence. I used to know that I needed a Mississauga SEO company, but I didn’t know WHO to work with. There were some of them that called my business and liked them, but I didn’t want to pick a company based on who had the best salesman.

What I ended up doing was nothing short of a game changer, for me at least. Instead of interviewing and considering the companies that phoned me and asking them what they could do for my business, I went on the offensive. I Google’d Mississauga SEO and found a company called Zulo.ca

The difference between Zulo’s approach and the companies that had been harassing me was obvious from the jump. I wasn’t on a sales call, I felt like I was on a call with a business coach who was genuinely trying to understand MY business as well as possible. It was comforting to me knowing that I was dealing with someone who was trying to find how he could help me, rather than trying to convince me that whatever he was selling was going to fit my needs like a glove.

Anyway, I think part of giving back online and contributing is not only telling people what to avoid but also letting them know what’s worked for me. In this case, I wholeheartedly recommend Zulo.ca for your internet marketing needs.

Check out their video which explains the SEO Buyer’s guide. A lot of it rings very true.

I’d like to explain some of the key factors that make a large difference for me…


That’s right, in order to do business with someone confidently, you need to be able to trust them. Mississauga is a great city, and I truly love living here but let’s be honest with each other, there’s a lot of shady characters out there who can’t be trusted. Take for example if you were falsely accused of a crime and needed a defense lawyer to help secure your freedom. Would you want the person who your destiny depends on to be someone you can’t even trust? Or would you want that person to be someone who you’re confident with and have faith in. For me, the answer is very simple.

Sometimes I feel like when it comes to my business’ internet marketing, I may as well be on trial. There’s a lot at stake, it either means my business grows and I am happy, stress free, and able to provide for my family OR I am miserable, concerned and can’t make ends meet. My Mississauga business depends on new leads and I depend on leads from my internet marketing.


Just as important as trust, is experience. I don’t want to be the one who is being tested on or the one where the new guy on the block learns the ropes. I want to be in a situation where I have complete confidence that the people I am paying to do a job not only want to see me succeed earnestly, but more importantly have the experience and know-how to see it through.

Internet marketing is a new enough field and it’s ever evolving, so don’t get me wrong, I am not expecting a search engine optimization firm to have 50 years of experience, all I want is a proven track record of success and for them to be leaders in their field. Is that too much to ask? I certainly don’t think so!

Straight Forward

In my search to find a Mississauga company to work with, I looked high and low and gave myself a bit of an education on the entire industry. CPC, PPC, CTR, SEO, blah blah blah I would die a happy man if I never ended up hearing any of those nerdy acronyms ever again. When I get my monthly update, all I want is clear and concise information that explains to me how the campaign is going. Is it going good? Great! Talk to you next month. Is it going bad? What are going to do to fix it?

In my business, I already know enough acronyms. I know acronyms like ROI (Return on Investment). I know that if I am putting out $2500 a month on internet marketing, and my sales don’t increase by more than $2500 a month within a reasonable time frame, my ROI isn’t doing so hot. That’s how I make my decisions for my company. I don’t care if I rank #7 for some keyword or if you show me a fancy graph with an upward trend. I know how you’re doing based on how my phone is ringing and how often my cash registers are ching chinging!

I know this was a bit of a long read so I really do appreciate you taking the time to read all of this. Some times I feel like I am ranting but then other times, I think to myself, I can’t be the only person in this situation and so if even one other Mississauga business owner reads this and can relate, I think the rant was well worth it.

Please share on facebook, tweet or email any one who you know that you think might like this blog! Thanks!